8 Hour tanning Solution

Black Magic’s UK range of 8 hour spray tanning solutions are designed to be left on for up to and over 8 hours, meaning you can sleep in your spray tan overnight. Our 8 hour solution is non-sticky, fast drying and odourless. It will last 7-10 days and keep developing for up to 24 hours after the application. The great positive to an 8 hour tan is the depth of colour due to the high quality of Eco Certified DHA being used. If you have been looking for a deep long lasting tan look no further

  • DHA Boost Drops
    Booster Drops designed to give your spray tanning solution that extra Boost Concentrated Boost Drops for that serious tanner who wants to go Darker 30ml Bottles 35% DHA By adding 11 drops of DHA Booster drops into 100mls of solution you will increase the level of DHA by 1%. 1% wil..