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About Black Magic

Welcome to www.blackmagictan.co.uk one of UK’s largest suppliers of spray tanning equipment and spray tanning solutions.

We stock a wide range of Professional Spray Tanning Guns and Machines. Black Magic is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of the HVLP Tanning Systems, only using cutting edge technology to bring to life the best performing professional spray tanning systems in the market today. After many years in the spray tanning industry we have brought together the best components and parts from around the globe to come up with spray tanning machines that are solely design for all walks of life, from the mobile spray tanners through to a major spray tanning Salons. We have embraced slick, light weight design with quality multi-function features. Whether you are looking for a basic HVLP Illume Pro Series 550 or HVLP Illume 700 complete with our deluxe spray gun or an Illume Steel Salon Pro Whisperer we have the right spray tanning machine for you. (Tanning Machines)

Our solution has been designed for all skin types. Light Medium or dark, we have done this by using the highest grade DHA available on the market, by using a pharmaceutical grade DHA you can be assured of a perfect tan with every application. Our DHA is imported from Europe. DHA is the ingredient in spray tan solutions that causes the colour change in the skin. Black Magic solution is infused with aloe Vera and green tea extract, both wonderful nutrients for the skin. It’s as simple as applying a little less solution for a lighter skin tone and a little more for an olive skin tone. See below for detailed descriptions for each solution making it easier to work out what best suits your salon:

Pure Magic is Black Magic’s newest addition to our family of solutions. Pure Magic is a 1-3 hour solution, free from synthetic colours it is caramel based using only natural plant extracts to make up the base to this amazing solution. Pure Magic has 100% Eco Certified DHA and is fast drying, non-sticky and odourless. Be sure to stock this if you are looking for the eco-friendly alternative in your salon. (link to solution)

Vibe is Black Magic’s Violet based solution. Vibe Evolution has been designed as a versatile solution as it can be used on all skin types.  Vibe has a dark bronzer to give skin sheer, natural colour effects and highlights to enhance the depth of your tan without having to spray multiple coats. (link to solution)

Our First blend is our signature Green based solution which is Black Magic’s first formulation. Premium is a light weight solution with a very light bronzer that develops into a deep dark colour, it is non-sticky, fast drying and odourless. Premium comes in a 2 & 8 hour, regular and Dark making it easy to order with no fancy names to confuse you or your staff. (link to solution)   

Muscle tan & Dance off are designed to give a lustrous deep tan that keeps developing over 8 hours. Muscle tan has an innovative formula that enhances muscle definition and body contours to make you stand out in a crowd. Muscle tan is odourless, non-sticky, fast drying solution designed for all skin types infused with 100% certified organic DHA and a blend of natural ingredients to deliver a well defined tan while hydrating and moisturizing your skin. Muscle tan and Dance off will fade away evenly, while the dark bronzer tone on competition day can be buffed back to give a natural looking tan. Muscle tan is also the first solution to offer a tan that has NO LIMITS. (link to solution) or www.muscletan.co.uk – Competition spray tanning for the UK.

The key to our solutions success are listed below:

  • Black Magic has 4 Unique Blends
  • Black Magic Tans have no odour
  • Black Magic is made from the finest quality ingredients
  • Black Magic has a base of Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extract
  • Black Magic will not streak
  • Black Magic dries super fast on your skin
  • Black Magic will not clog your pores
  • Black Magic solutions have no fragrance, and are odorless
  • Black Magic Tan will fade evenly like a natural Tan
  • Black Magic Tan will not turn orange like some self tan applications.

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Thank you for visiting our website where our aim is to have the best salon exclusive solution in the market by continually reinventing ourselves within this changing market and finding better ways to achieve our clients’ goals and objectives. We regularly review our structure, systems and processes, asking ourselves: How can we improve our service to our clients, and help drive more customers to businesses who stock Black Magic’s range of products?

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