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Black Magic Argan Tan  15% DHA - Wash off in as little as 1 HOUR

Chocolate Base 1 Hour Rapid Spray Tan Infused with Argan Oil 

Black Magic's Argan Tan offer the very best results in spray tanning. With Argan Tan you will discover a rich blend of antioxidents and infused with all natural Argan Oil meaning the very driest of skins will develop amazing colour in as little as two hours. 
Black Magic's Argan Tan is alcohol and fragrance free, meaning no smells when applying.  

Black Magic's Argan Tan starts to develop the moment it is sprayed on, Argan Tan is assisted with by using Advanced Development Technoloy you can be sure of having some developed colour at your desired wash time. 
Colour results will vary due to skin types, however you can be assured of a deep natural tan. 

Argan Tan is designed to be used in all types of Tanning Machines and HVLP Tanning Guns. 
First time users we recommend washing off at 2 hours to ensure a natural colour. 
When washing tan off only rinse and use warm water, do not use any soaps and or shampoo's as these may affect the final result. 
Only pat dry you body, colour should be visible after showering however colour will keep developing for up to 8 hours


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