Muscle Tan Mousse

Muscle Tan Mousse

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Want to enhance your Competition Physique?

Muscle Tan Mousse is designed to give a lustrous deep instant tan. Black Magic’s Muscle Tan Mousse has an innovative formula that enhances muscle definition and body contours. This is a serious tanning product that will boost your outlines and curves making the time spent in the gym pay off on Judgement day!
Who is it Ideal for?
  • Self-Application 
  • Bodybuilders, gym junkies models and Dancers
  • For all skin types,  
  • This solution has been designed by bodybuilders competing on stage. 
  • For a darker colour, apply as many coats as you need.
Key Features: 
  • 100% Eco Certified DHA, Botanical Erythrulose
  • Darkest Bronzer available 
  • Deep Colour
  • Goes back to a natural tan that lasts 7 days 
  • Alcohol Free Fragrance Free and Fast Drying
  • Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antioxidants to help moisturise and maintain healthy skin.
  • Non sticky, odourless,
  • DEA, Paraben and Propylene Glyco Free 
Bronzer: Violet Based solution, Heavy weight, Dark bronzer which will make the skin go darker quicker, slightly limited to the colour you can go VS Muscle tan apply by a tanning technician
To achieve the best competition colour, firstly pick your skin type and follow the detailed instructions under how to apply.
Muscle Tan Mousse: 150ml
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