Extractor Units

Black Magic offers a range of extractor units suitable for salons, day spas, and mobile tanners. The range includes a portable extractor unit for those on the go or with limited space to the stand alone turbo twister unit.

Tower extactor units

These much larger units are designed for the professional salon or day spa wanting a setup state of the art system. These extractor units will collect up to 90% of over spray and come with changable filters last between 150-200 spray tans keeping your salon clean. 

The turbo tower unit makes it easier to apply spray tanning solution to the skin as there are no restrictions unlike a tent or closed in spray tanning extractor unit making it time efficient. 

Portable extractor units:

Our range of portable units are light weight and easy to setup. The entire system is engineered to be extremely portable without any sacrifice in performance. They come with changeable filters that last between 150-200 spray tans. 

  • Black Magic Tan Vac Tower
    Black Magic Tan Vac Tower The TanVac Tower will dramatically improve the air quality in your salon Enjoy uniform extraction from head to toe and three stage filtration Features •    Professional grade extraction •    Extraction rate - 2400 M3/Hour • &nbs..
  • BM Extraction Tower and Tanning System
    Black Magic Tan Extraction Tower and Tanning System Black Magic Tan 3 Unit Extraction Tower delivers superior air quality as it draws excess tanning solution in the air into the multi stage filter to reduce mess, improve air quality and provides a professional working environment for any tanning ..
  • Mobile Spray Tanning Extraction System
    Cleaning excess tan created by overspray from your equipment is a messy job, This great portable extraction system will help eliminate that overspray mess.    This lightweight (7kg) spray tan extractor effortlessly draw in excess spray tan.   The Removable filters are ..
  • Tanning Curtain
    If you have limited space for a pop up tent then a Wall Hanging Spray Tan Curtain just may help. Designed by Spray Tanning Professionals as a space saver for salon and mobile use. The Tanning Curtain can be errected in a few minutes. Dimensions L 250cm W 130 cm H 195cm Weight 500 Gra..
    Any busy salon knows that cleaning up at the end of a day is painstaking, and a little bit annoying. Add Spray tanning into the equation and it becomes a nightmare. By introducing an extraction system into your salon you will not only save time and money you will be offering your clients a better sp..