VIBE Sampler Pack

VIBE Sampler Pack

Product Code: VIBE Sampler Pack
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2 x 120ml - Sample Pack

VIBE Evolution and VIBE Rapid

VIBE is a versatile solution that has a rapid 2 hour, 2-6 hour and 8 hour tanning solution, with a much DARKER bronzer to enhance the depth of your tan without having to spray multiple coats. The Vibe colour is instant and can be worn out the same night unlike many other longer developing tans. Since its inception into the Black Magic range it has taken off and is one of our most sort after products. Our bespoke formulation incorporates a pharmaceutical blend of Naturally Certified Organic DHA and cosmetic bronzer. The dark bronzer used will give your skin a sheer, natural looking colour that will enhance the depth of your tan without having to apply multiple coats.

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